DOPE Offer Live Album, Launch Campaign for Reunion Tour


Dope have launched the pre-order of their new live album and a campaign to fund Die MF Die Reunion Tour

February 18, 2016

Recently, in Moscow, Russia, the classic Dope lineup got together for the first time in more than 13 years to deliver a mindblowing show, record it professionally and put out a live album. Edsel Dope, Acey Slade, Virus and Racci Shay played 21 song live that night, while having the tapes rolling.

Dope-moscow-2016“It was really surreal, man,” says Edsel Dope in a new interview. “It inspired all of us to want to do this that much more, so that even if we do have other priorities – which we do, man, you know: everybody in this band has other things going on and we’re all grown-ups now and have families and everything else that goes along with that – but the experience itself hit each one of us hard enough to make this a priority in our life”.

The live album is expected in June, and you can check out its tracklist below. Pre-orders of the album are available on “This is a record which is not going to be available on iTunes, it’s not going to be available for you to go and buy in a store. […] This is us and you commiting to each other that we are going to do something”, Edsel adds.

dope-reunion-2And by doing something Dope mean launching a U.S. headlining tour with the classic lineup, and if that goes well, take the reunion tour abroad. “The United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Australia are all part of the plan,” Edsel continues. “We are all stoked with the insane amount of enthusiasm from fans asking us to bring this lineup around the world.” Check out the entire interview with Edsel Dope below.

Dope have also revealed their plan to film the tour and release their first live DVD, accompanied by a lot of backstage footage, never before seen music video material and much more.

Dope’s latest record to date, No Regrets, came out in 2009, and a new album Blood Money is expected later this year.

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Dope Live Album Tracklist

1. “Flatline”
2. “Pig Society”
3. “Debonair”
4. “Everything Sucks”
5. “Spin Me Round Like a Record”
6. “Take Your Best Shot”
7. “Now or Never / What About”
8. “Stop”
9. “Bitch”
10. “Bring It On”
11. “Motivation”
12. “Survive”
13. “No Way Out”
14. “Addiction”
15. “Violence”
16. “Rebel Yell”
17. “Die MF Die”
18. “I’m Back”
19. “Sick”
20. “Burn”
21. “F–k the Police”