Too Billie Eilish? Too Dua Lipa? Well, check out our 5 fun facts below and find out it’s ROXEN’s own signature style!

Day 13, and who’s knocking on the door? No, not knocking. Smashing it to pieces! Romania’s young and coming singer ROXEN. Here is what you didn’t know about her!

  1. Roxen is a 21-year-old Romanian singer, whose full name is Larisa Roxana Giurgiu. Well, let’s be honest, ROXEN stage name makes her stand out, unlike the commonplace Larisa 🙂
  2. Her debut single ‘Ce-ti canta dragostea’ topped the local charts and became the most Shazamed Romanian track of 2020:
  1. One of ROXEN’s teachers was Mihai Băcilă, the father of Romania’s Eurovision 2017 celebrity Ilinca. Remember the famous ‘Yodel It!’ by Ilinca ft. Alex Florea?
  2. The singer is a fan of cats. Fan is not even the right word: ROXEN’s got seven! But she told that only one of them is living at her home right now.
  3. ROXEN worked with Norway’s Eurovision 2009 winner Alexander Rybak on her song ‘Wonderland’. You will recognize him by the string part:

ROXEN’s ‘Amnesia’ entry for Eurovision 2021:

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