Gorgeous Eden Alene will represent Israel with her upbeat song ‘Set Me Free’. But don’t let this girl’s young and fragile looks fool you. Check out our facts below and get astonished!

  1. Eden is proud of her Ethiopian background. Both her parents were born and raised in Ethiopia. She herself grew up in Jerusalem.
  2. Tiny and fragile? Yes, but Eden recently served in the Israeli Defense Forces! Eden did her mandatory army service in October 2018. But of course, she wasn’t lifting heavy weights. Eden was the lead vocalist in the Israel Defence Forces band.
  3. She was supposed to perform in Eurovision 2020 with her song ‘Feker Libi’. The track was recorded with Ethiopian music instruments and contained Amharic lyrics.
  4. Eden won the third season of X Factor Israel at the afge of 17 and believes she can win Eurovision for Israel again: “Our song will be even better, even though [“Feker Libi”] was stunning, and we will win!” – she told KAN on live TV. Check out her awesome X-Factor audition below:
  1. Eden has been taking dance classes since childhood, including ballet training for ten years. Hey, Rotterdam, you’ve got quite a performance coming!

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