Who’s got most “adrenalina” in the show? It’s Senhit, San Marino’s singer!

Here are the 5 facts to know about San Marino’s Eurovision 2021 singer, superpositive Senhit!

  1. You know her as Senhit but the vocalist’s full name is Senhit Zadik Zadik. Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, to Eritrean parents, the singer got Italian citizenship at the age of 6-7. At home her family mostly speaks Italian.
  2. You thought she’s new to Eurovision stage? Hell, no! Senhit (earlier spelled Senit) represented San Marino in 2011! Unfortunately, her ballad “Stand By” finished in sixteenth place and didn’t get to the Grand Final. Juries didn’t mind her there but she came last in televoting.
  1. Senhit’s career started with various roles in musicals in Italy and abroad. She first played the character of Marie Hannequin in Il Grande Campione. The director and main actor of the show was Massimo Ranieri, Sanremo winner who has been in Eurovision twice — in 1971 and 1973.
  2. Senhit’s life is all about fashion! She shares fashion tips on her YouTube channel. Also, she doesn’t buy clothes online – touching things is essential. “I like to see what I buy right away, I don’t shop online”, she says. “I go around shops all over the world, and often also for markets, looking for beautiful vintage pieces.”
  3. Everyone wants to know how Sehnit got Flo Rida to collaborate with her. Turns out, the American rapper accepted the offer with excitement. Will he appear on stage in the Semi-final and (hopefully) Final? Even Senhit doesn’t know yet! “

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