Day 15, and here is what you probably didn’t know about the band Go_A, representing Ukraine this year with a folk/electronic track ‘Shum”:

  1. If you think the red-haired singer Kateryna Pavlenko sounds monotonous, it’s due to this particular genre. Kateryna uses the white voice technique, taking us back to Ukraine’s, Russia’s and other Eastern European nations’ folk tradition.
  2. Go_A is not a random name in English. The band name means “Go back to your roots”. Isn’t it exactly what they are doing?
  3. A folk/electronic sound they have now wasn’t what band members used to play before. Go_A’s musician Taras Shevchenko aimed to create a band with both folk and modern EDM elements and spent a year looking for suitable artists to actualize his eclectic dream.
  4. The band’s important milestone was 2016′ song “Vesnianka”. It was played all over Europe and landed the group with the nomination for “Discovery of the Year” from Kiss FM.
  5. In order to make ends meet, Go_A’s singer Kateryna even worked as a part-time model. Maybe that’s why she’s staying that thin and refined.

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