EWERT AND THE TWO DRAGONS and BRAINSTORM drop collaboration ‘We Wait For The Light’


“Sonically it’s definitely a change for The Dragons,” says the frontman of Ewert and the Two Dragons

October 5, 2017

If you’ve heard the laid-back melancholic sound of the Estonian guys Ewert and the Two Dragons, you know what to expect from them on new releases. Or not? This time The Dragons surprised even themselves, having released a poppier single in collaboration with Latvian musicians BrainStorm. Indie pop-rockers from Estonia and their Latvian friends have served an upbeat Indian summer track, ‘We Wait For The Light’. Give it a listen below!

The birth of the song is quite a story to tell. The singer of BrainStorm (who took Europe by storm at 2000′ Eurovision contest), Renars Kaupers, called Evert Sundja, the frontman of Two Dragons, and the two musicians started jamming in Renars’ home kitchen. “A little more than a year ago I got a call from an unidentified number,” remembers Sundja. “Well, it turned out to be Renars Kaupers from Brainstorm who had a plan. And the plan was to write a song together. So that was exactly what we did, got together and started jamming.”

It took more than a year to find the right ingredients for the song and master the recipe, but the result was worth the wait. The final touch to the song was added by Swedish friends of BrainStorm, Povel Olsson and David Larson, so the song we have at hand is a truly international product.

The fans of Ewert and the Two Dragons might raise their eyebrows the band’s diversion from their signature style, a “nice upbeat, kind of easygoing pop song with a summer-vibe”, as the musicians put it. But the vocalist believes fans will enjoy this off-the-beathen-track tune. “Sonically it’s definitely a change for The Dragons, but this being a collaboration I think we’re excused.”

Ewert and The Two Dragons’ latest album, Circles, came out in 2015, and a couple of years before that the band won 2013 European Border Breakers Awards.

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