FEAR FACTORY have shared their new music video for ‘Dielectric’ and made Genexus album available for streaming in full

August 8, 2015

Fear Factory’s new electrifying video for ‘Dielectric’ puts the emphasis on the human component in each of us as opposed to our mechanized side. Check out the music video below.

fearfactory-stephanie-cabral‘Dielectric’ is the third released track from the band’s brand new album, Genexus: earlier this summer the band launched songs ‘Protomech’ and ‘Soul Hacker.’ The album officially came out yesterday, plus Fear Factory was generous enough to make it available for streaming in full, all 10 tracks at once. Listen to the whole album below.

For those of you who haven’t been tracking Fear Factory’s news recently, you ought to know that former Static-X and Soulfly bassist Tony Campos has become a part of the band, so check out the new member on stage soon. Fear Factory will be soon joined by Coal Chamber, Jasta, Devil You Know, Saint Ridley and Madlife on the upcoming August-September headlining tour, which you don’t want to miss.

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