Opened by Hangman’s Chair, UK death-doom legends Paradise Lost got a warm welcome from Estonian crowd

On Thursday, November 10, one of Britain’s gothic metal staples Paradise Lost played at the industrial venue Helitehas in the capital of Estonia. The band’s set was opened by the up-and-rising Paris post-metal band Hangman’s Chair.

Since 1988, for more than three decades, Paradise Lost have been bringing gothic, doom and death-metal to heavy music fans. The band’s 16th studio album, Obsidian, came out May 15, and Tallinn audience enjoyed five tracks off of the new record. The choice of balladic ‘Darker Thoughts’ from Obsidian to kick off a three-song encore was a smart decision, with Nick Holmes starting singing the first verse acoustically, while the rest of the band quietly took the spots a minute later to belt the metal part.

Paradise Lost fans weren’t disappointed, as Nick Holmes, Gregor Mackintosh, Aaron Aedy, Steve Edmondson and Guido Montanarini had made an all-pleasing set of their “golden” tracks, interspersed with the material from their later albums. From ‘Say Just Words’ to ‘As I Die’ to ‘The Last Time’, each long-time fan had something familiar to sing along to.

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