GORILLAZ Remove Donald Trump References from album Humanz, Explain Why


Damon Albarn talks why he has removed every mention of Donald Trump from Humanz

April 20, 2017

Originally, the band’s upcoming new album, Humanz, had not only mentioned Trump – Gorillaz described the album as a ‘party for the end of the world’, implying Trump’s win in the US election.

However, when the album arrives on April 28, you won’t hear any direct references to Trump, as they have recently been deleted by the group. And you are probably wondering why. Well, according to Damon Albarn, the band simply didn’t “want to give the most famous man on earth any more fame” (via NME).:

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“Trump’s ascension was one of the sources of energy that we meditated on, when it was like, ‘Ahh, that’s ridiculous, that could never happen,’” Albarn says. “There’s no references to [Trump] on the record – in fact, any time when anyone made any reference, I edited it out. I don’t want to give the most famous man on earth any more fame, particularly. He doesn’t need it!” [/quote]

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Though Humanz drops in a week, we’ve already enjoyed a few tracks from the record: ‘Saturnz Barz’, ‘Andromeda’, ‘We Got The Power’ and ‘Ascension’. Besides, Gorillaz released the collaborative track ‘Let Me Out’ feat. Pusha T and Mavis Staples.

But deleting Trump references is not as exciting a news as the following: today, Gorillaz members Murdoc and 2D, two of the four virtual characters of the band, gave their first ever live interview, and fans were welcome to post their questions under the presentation video on YouTube. From 3pm GMT, Gorillaz’ characters could be seen in a live-streamed interview via Deutsche Telekom.

Bassist Murdoc said of the interview: “Get ready for the online event of the century – a live audience with me, Murdoc Niccals. Thanks to our comrades over at Electronic Beats, you can watch me and 2D live on the sofa and ask anything you want. Or just tell me how much you love me.”

Very soon we can tell you more about how it went, and in the meantime enjoy their video preceding the live interview below.

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