“It got a little scary tonight,” Paramore singer admitted during the show

The remainder of Paramore’s North American tour This Is Why has been cancelled altogether. The band’s singer Hayley Williams broke the news in her Instagram story. She wrote she was “not healing quickly enough to keep up”, and with shows after show every night her health situation was only deteriorating.

At first, Paramore just postponed four shows to give Williams time to recover from the lung infection she suffered. Now, the band has cancelled the remaining nights of their US tour, including shows in Portland and Salt Lake City.

The frontwoman told her fans on Instagram:

“Hey everybody, we just got off stage in Seattle. After speaking with our team and my doc, I know that trying to finish this tour is now going to come at a detriment to my health. My lungs are just not healing quickly enough to keep up. It got a little scary tonight.

We will have the team post an official statement ASAP but we are going to have to cancel the last 2 shows of the tour so I can get better finally. I know some of you are camping in Portland already so I just wanted to get this out there. I’m so sorry for all the chaos this has caused some of you. I really tried to kick this shit. Love you all.”

Williams adds she’s done everything in her power “to fight this infection so we wouldn’t have to disappoint anyone with more news of postponements and cancellations,” but keeping this pace was, obviously, dangerous for her lung recovery.

“We are so sorry to all of you who were so patient with us as we rescheduled these and likely rearranged travel plans to still come out. I physically can not go on,” the singer wrote on Instagram on Thursday. “I know this isn’t great news for anyone. Thank you so much for your continued support.”

Take a look at Paramore’s official statement below:

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