What would you do if you asked a band to let you propose to your girlfriend but she had left the venue angrily?

Telle Smith (The Word Alive) and Babs Szabo (Emo Nite) aren’t wasting their time staying at home. They’ve just appeared on the Fearless At Home livestream, where they talked about fun moments and weird experiences from their past shows.

One of craziest moments The Word Alive vocalist shared was related to a proposal their fan asked to pop up from the stage during the live show. It’s common practice (yet touching) to request the band’s cooperation when you’d like to propose to your beloved one right onstage. But what do you do when your girlfriend has had a fight with you right in the middle of the show and left?

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During The Word Alive’s U.S. gig in Lawrence, Kansas, a fan asked the band’s permission to pop the question to his girlfriend. But things didn’t go smoothly between the two. Smith recollects:

“I had seen him a few songs before that side-stage and he didn’t look all that happy and I was very confused.”

The fan later explained what happened:

“Well, I was going to propose to my girlfriend, but I was in the pit and I accidentally bumped into a girl and knocked her over (Whoopsie!), so I picked her up.”

Well, it was nice of him to at least help her get up, right? His girlfriend didn’t think so. Instead, she accused him of “flirting with the girls in the pit” and ended up leaving the venue.

What then? “Fuck it, I’m going to propose anyway,” decided her boyfriend. “I’m sure she’ll see it on YouTube.” He still got down on one knee and with tears in his eyes proposed without his girlfriend present! “We’re just standing onstage baffled by this,” Smith remembers, smiling.

But did it help the fan restore the relationship with his girlfriend? Did she find out about his proposal? The band actually caught up with this fan a few years later. Smith said that the couple got back together after the show and was engaged for a short time. However, she decided to leave him again after a while. “I hope he finds his pit queen,” Smith concluded.

Enjoy the full story below:

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