IN THIS MOMENT To Release Greatest Hits CD+DVD


IN THIS MOMENT have announced the upcoming release of their Greatest Hits CD+DVD ‘Rise of the Blood Legion’

April 4, 2015

While the band is getting ready for a U.S tour with Upon A Burning Body and Butcher Babies, which kicks off April 17, the musicians have also recently announced that In This Moment will release ‘Rise of the Blood Legion – Greatest Hits (Chapter 1)’ on April 5, 2015. Check out the tracks, which will had landed on the record, below, as well as the last In This Moment music video for ‘Sick Like Me’ in case you’ve missed it.

Now that the band has played a number of gigs in European countries, it’s time for the U.S. to shine and “become the show”. What it means, to become the show, the group explains on their official website: “Not only do we want to see all of our Blood Legion out at the shows, but we want you to become a part of the show by dressing up and coming in costume! We love it when you are part of the show!” That is, In This Moment are collecting and sharing the photos of the creatively dressed-up fans at the band’s concerts (find out more on Twitter via ?#?BecomeTheShow?).

Rise of the Blood Legion – Greatest Hits (Chapter 1)

CBsGHq_WIAAfkMX01 – “Whispers Of October”
02 – “Beautiful Tragedy”
03 – “Prayers”
04 – “Daddy’s Falling Angel”
05 – “The Rabbit Hole”
06 – “Forever”
07 – “Into The Light” (live)
08 – “The Gun Show”
09 – “The Promise”
10 – “World In Flames”
11 – “Rise With Me”
12 – “Blood”
13 – “Scarlet”
14 – “Adrenalize”
15 – “It Is Written”
16 – “Burn”
17 – “Whore”
18 – “The Blood Legion”
01 – “Beautiful Tragedy”
02 – “Prayers”
03 – “Forever”
04 – “The Gun Show”
05 – “The Promise”
06 – “Adrenalize”
07 – “Blood”
08 – “Whore“

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