IN THIS MOMENT are getting ready to shoot a music video for their song ‘Sex Metal Barbie’

March 8, 2015

While some European countries are still celebrating the International Women’s Day, March 8th, there is at least one woman (and four guys), working hard “in this moment”. We are talking about the unstoppable Maria Brink and In This Moment, as you might have already guessed. The guitarist of In This Moment, Chris Howorth, gave an interview to Melanie Brehaut on February 28 before the band’s gig in Glasgow, United Kingdom and revealed that these days the band is busy filming the music video for their song ‘Sex Metal Barbie’.

In the interview Chris Howorth said: “We come back from the U.K., and we have a little bit of time off — maybe a month, or three weeks. We’re actually shooting a video for ‘Sex Metal Barbie’. We’re doing that maybe a week after we get back, and then we have a couple of weeks off. Then we’re going on a big U.S. tour, doing all the festivals there, headlining some stuff. That’s gonna take us through to the summer. And then we’re putting together our summer and fall plans now. But we’re definitely also trying to work in getting back over [to Europe] at some point this year, and it’s gonna happen. We’re definitely gonna follow up on this, because we were feeling it.” [Blabbermouth transcript]

Watch the video interview below and share the news with other In This Moment fans!

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