“I’m moving at a pretty leisurely pace but I hope it’s this year,” unveils Kristofer Dommin

If the sounds of ‘My Heart, Your Hands’ still warm your heart, you have every reason to be thrilled. Dommin are back and in the studio, recording their next official album. In this week’s podcast, frontman Kristofer Dommin shared an update confirming the guitar work on the new record is finished and he’ll soon get to recording vocals. He also revealed that stylistically, the album will be signature Dommin and will feature five singles released in 2018-2019 as well as 10 new tracks, making it a total of 15 songs.

“I can’t be sure about a release date yet as I’m moving at a pretty leisurely pace but I hope it’s this year,” adds the vocalist. “I’m not opposed to working with a label in its release or distribution, but I may release it independently”.

The pronoun “I” stands for Dommin being “a solo venture”, not a quartet. But Kristofer remains Dommin’s driving force and an eternal source of new music. The singer underlines there are no hard feelings between him and the former band members.

“Over the years, each member has left their roles in the band at different times for their own reasons. There were no arguments or bad endings. Each band member left to pursue the other things in their lives. […] There were no hard feelings from my end. I genuinely love each member of Dommin and treasure their individual personalities,” he adds. “I look forward to being on stage or making music with any of the guys in the future, even if only for fun, should the opportunity arise.”

Kristofer recently moved back to the US from Australia, where he spent a few musically productive and innovative years, creating music with The Oztones. The collaboration culminated in the 2022′ release of the album Dommin & The Oztones. If you’ve missed out on the album, start by giving ‘Let’s Do This Thing’ a listen below:

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