Fred Durts’s film The Fanatic is put up against Tom Hooper’s musical Cats

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst hasn’t made many news headlines in 2019. Until recently, when his name popped up not in relation to music but to cinematography. Now that Bizkit’s singer is also trying himself in directing movies, he is learning it by trial and error, and these errors brought him a nomination in the Worst Director category of Razzie Awards.

Watch the film trailer for The Fanatic if you haven’t seen the movie yet:

Now, you know the Oscars, you know the Grammys, what are the Razzie Awards? It’s an award ceremony picking out the most terrible cinema works over the past year. Its full name is the Golden Raspberry Awards and this year it will be celebrating 40 years of the event and will be aired on TV for the first time ever, as AltPress reports.

The nominations have been announced today and it isn’t not much of a surprise which films of 2019 landed on the “worst” list.

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The leader in the “worst” nominations is musical Cats. It became a nominee in almost every category of the Razzie, closely followed by Rambo: Last Blood. Less “honored” with unpleasant nominations is Fred Durst, whose film The Fanatic is now competing with James Franco’s Zeroville, Adrian Grunberg’s Rambo, Tom Hooper for Cats and Neil Marshall’s movie Hellboy.

The new award is also coming to town. The Raspberries have introduced a new category “Worst Reckless Disregard For Human Life And Public Property”. Among its nominees is the famous Joker, which just took home a couple of Oscar awards. You can see the nominations getting announced in the video below.

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