If ‘Numb’ and ‘Breaking The Habit’ are LP songs you can’t live without, be sure to play ‘Lost’ on repeat

“In 2023, can there really be a Meteora-era song we’ve never heard before?”, Linkin Park fans might be asking themselves, reading this title. Oh yes! Just when we thought we’ve heard all possible B-sides and demos, featuring late Chester Bennington, the band dropped a single, titled ‘Lost’, a “new, never-before-heard song from the Meteora archives.”

In a press release, Mike Shinoda said that discovering ‘Lost’ in the band’s archives felt “like finding a favorite photo you had forgotten you’d taken, like it was waiting for the right moment to reveal itself”. The never-before-heard song sonically reminds of ‘Numb’ and ‘Breaking The Habit’, with Chester’s vocals so crystal clear and touching on the verses that one can only wonder why ‘Lost’ hadn’t made the cut on Meteora album.

Speaking of which, Linkin Park have officially announced the 20th anniversary edition of their sophomore album, as on March 25, Meteora will celebrate two decades! The iconic album gave the world such gems as ‘Numb’, ‘From the Inside’ and ‘Faint’.

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Following the passing of the frontman, in 2017, Linkin Park have been treating their fans with rare and archived tracks. In 2020, the band unveiled the song ‘She Couldn’t’, originally recorded in 1998. The track came out in time for the 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory, LP’s debut album. Besides, last year saw the release of the deluxe edition of Minutes To Midnight album.

You’ll be crazy not to give ‘Lost’ a listen below. The track is accompanied with an anime-style AI music video. Don’t miss out on the news about your favorite rock bands – join us on AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter!