MARILYN MANSON cancels tour dates after being crushed by huge stage prop guns

Marilyn Manson live Pittsburgh

Fans in shock: Marilyn Manson was hospitalized after a stage prop collapsed on top of him

October 3, 2017

“When it rains, it pours” is a proverb one could easily examplify with a chain of mishaps the rocker went through this past week. First, the singer fell down trying to step off the stage at the Pittsburgh show on September 30 and reportedly broke his ankle, but compared to the mishap that was awaiting Marilyn Manson the next day it was nothing. On Saturday night, the audience at his show in New York witnessed in shock how a giant model of two prop guns fell on him during his cover of “Sweet Dreams”.

Here is the video footage of the shocking stage accident:

Concert goer Anthony Biscardi told the BBC: “Towards the middle of the song it seemed as though he tried climbing onto a prop. The first touch of weight on those poles and it came crashing down onto him”. It took the rescue team a few minutes to free Manson from underneath the collapsed prop guns. According to reports, Manson lay on the stage for about 15 minutes with a sheet covering him before being taken to hospital on a stretcher.

Manson taken to the hospital on a stretcher right after the stage prop had crushed on top of him

The Sun reported that the accident looked really horrifying: “I’m scared for him. It appeared to hit his head and his girlfriend rushed to him and ran off crying,” said singer Samantha Scarlette, 27, who attended the NYC show.

Needless to say, the show was cancelled after the incident occured. The musician has announced today that nine shows have been cancelled: the US tour is “on pause” until he recovers, at least for the next two weeks. The tour is scheduled to resume in Texas on 15 October but it’s not known yet how serious the singer’s injuries. So far sources claim it to be a leg injury. Manson’s representative told the Rolling Stone the rocker was planning to recuperate at home in Los Angeles.

Just the day before that, during the performance of ‘The Beautiful People’ on Friday in Pittsburgh the singer reportedly injured his ankle while stepping down from the stage to sing to fans at the barricade. Manson managed to crawl back on stage but cut the song short to address the audience : “I told you I’d break my ankle because the tour manager is a fascist” (via AltPress). Check out how it happened in the video below:

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Manson was touring in support of his 10th album, Heaven Upside Down, which will be available October 6.

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