Pump It! Eskimo Callboy have submitted the application for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin

By winning Eurovision this year, Italian punk rockers Måneskin propelled rock bands all over Europe to dream bigger and take a chance at a predominantly pop contest. There’s usually a guaranteed 1-2 rock songs at Eurovision Song Contest every year, but ESC 2022 will be something and a half.

The first track to be confirmed for Eurovision 2022 was Bulgaria, and it was classic rock. Now, German guys Eskimo Callboy have expressed their desire to represent their country at ESC 2022! On 6 December 2021, the band took to Twitter to announce they’ve submitted their single ‘Pump It’ into the national selection for Eurovision. The bold and loud metalcore act made a formal application as well as a hilarious informal video, inviting fans to vote for them to represent Germany in Turin:

Without a doubt, they’ll be the first in this electro-based, comedy-infused metal genre at Eurovision. The band’s metalcore fury is combined with techno and is often called “electronicore”, while its satirical side puts them into comedy rock category.

The luck of rock and metal songs throughout the history of the contest has been mixed so far. On the one hand, easy-to-digest hard rock from Finnish Lordi conquered the hearts of ESC fans, just like sexy-looking Måneskin brought Italy victory last year. In the same contest of 2021, nu-metallers Blind Channel (FInland) made it as far as the 6th spot, which is quite impressive.

On the other hand, we’ve got plenty of underrated rock submissions in Eurovision, be it France’s Amandine Bourgeois finishing 23rd or Urkaine’s O. Torvald landing 24th, which made it the worst Ukrainian entry.

Others, like furious Hungarian rockers AWS (2018), Icelandic industrial rockers Hatari (2019) and Finnish alternative guys Softengine (2014), reminding of both The Killers and Coldplay, made it to the Grand Final but only crawled to middle of the scoring table.

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Will Eskimo Callboy win the national selection and go to Turin in 2022? If so, will they manage to “reverse the curse” of German artists recently ending up with zero points in Eurovision? Fans are already pumped for ‘Pump It’. Here are some fan comments:

Fixiloop Goose

If ya’ll get into Eurovision that will be the first time I actually seriously watch eurovision! Lets make this happen guys!!!

Bendik Trøan Wiig

We got hard rock to Eurovision in 2006, and violent pop in 2021. Let’s bring metalcore to Eurovision in 2022! 🤘

Alejandro Sánchez Hernández

I have never voted in Eurovision, but if these geniuses participate they have my vote guaranteed. Greetings from Spain.

Edd Growl

It would be the first time ever for me to even consider voting on Eurovision.. Greetings from Albania! PUMP IT UUUP!!!

Watch the full music video for ‘Pump It’:

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