The band has released a 4-track EP, titled Motion Picture Collection

On Monday, August 10, Motionless In White released their promised 4-song EP called Motion Picture Collection. On the new EP, fans can hear reworked songs ‘Another Life’ and ‘Eternally Yours.’

The emotional new versions give a fresh vibe to the tracks you’ve already got used to. The songs are from different eras, though. ‘Another Life’ first appeared on their 2019 album, Disguise, while ‘Eternally Yours’ is the closing track on the 2017′ Graveyard Shift.

Reimagined ‘Another Life’ includes the vocals of dark pop/electronic dance singer from Estonia, Kerli. Kerli, whose latest album, Shadow Works, dropped last year, is known for her creative dark image and competing in Eesti Laul 2017, where she came second. In 2011, Kerli was listed as one of the 100 Most Influential Estonian Women.

Apart from releasing the EP, Motionless In White also shared a new video for the reimagined ‘Another Life’. The initial music video came out back in December 2019 and included the band members. The new video still has the original visuals for the most part, but with no band playing in it and with reversed and juxtaposed time segments.

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Like all the bands, Motionless In White had to cancel all their tour plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. But they didn’t waste the down time:

“With all of the down time of not touring, we wanted to take the opportunity to try something we’ve never done before,” the band wrote.

“Just received the final mixes for two projects we are releasing this summer. I can’t wait for you to hear,” frontman Chris Motionless teased in July. “All I’m going to say is ….. you should stock up on some Kleenex now ahead of time.”

“But if Motion Picture Collection is a 4-track EP, what are the other two tracks?”, you might be wondering. The other two are two instrumentals of ‘Another Life’ and ‘Eternally Yours’.

You can enjoy revisited ‘Another Life’ music video and hear ‘Eternally Yours’ below.