THE USED Have a ‘Great Amount of Songs Written’ for New Record


Bert McCracken has revealed The Used are on their way to a new record, tentatively coming out in summer 2017

March 18, 2016

The Used are about to release their live album and DVD ‘Live & Acoustic at the Palace’, which is due out April 1, but they’re also actively writing music for the new record. In a recent interview with Finnish website Kaaoszine frontman Bert McCracken revealed they have “a great amount of songs written”, tentatively coming out in summer 2017.

“We already have a great amount of songs written, so we’re on our way to a new record. Hopefully we’ll record it in January and then it’ll be out in the summertime”, the singer told Kaaoszine. The Used haven’t revealed yet what direction the next album will go and what it will sound like but promised the new material will be very diverse, emotional and theatrical. You can watch the full interview below.

Speaking of the theatrical side to their music, on the upcoming ‘Live & Acoustic at the Palace’ the rockers are going to surprise their fans with all sorts of orchestra arrangements for the songs: they hired gospel singers, a string quartet, piano and harp players to record the live album. “We love live records, I love Eric Clapton live and Nirvana Unplugged – MTV’s Nirvana Unplugged was always an important record for me”, The Used singer explained.

He went on to say, “I think that the kind of vulnerability you get from a live record and the kind of honesty is something that is so specifically important to The Used, and that’s what’s kind of missing from our first two records, is that human aspect. The fact that we make mistakes when we play live and we’re not perfect. And I think that invites the crowd in a little bit ’cause nobody’s perfect. […] We’re giving all we can from our hearts, and those mistakes are almost like adding to the emotion.”

‘Live & Acoustic at the Palace’ is taking fans into the historic Palace Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, where The Used acousticly performed 12 of their well-known hits.

The Used are currently touring Europe celebrating the 15th anniversary tour of their debut record: the rockers are traveling back in time playing their self-titled album plus the mega-successful second effort In Love and Death in their entirety. The band will then fly back to the US for the remaining anniversary shows.