As Easter is just around the corner, Rise Against have launched an Easter puzzle made of QR codes

As countless phone apps, streaming platforms and social media fill our everyday lives, Rise Against are scrutinizing the ever-decreasing attention span of the present generation in the new single ‘Talking To Ourselves’.

The music video for the song shows an art gallery whose visitors stay glued to their phones. The artwork hanging on a wall consists purely of canvases of QR codes instead of paintings. Scanning them shows the viewers various engaging videos, because that might be the only way to get them to look closer.

The single came out around Easter time, so the band added a twist of Easter eggs and puzzles to the new video. The QR codes lead us to a cryptic website, and the mysteries will keep unfolding in the nearest few days.

Be sure to check out the video for ‘Talking To Ourselves’ below. And don’t forget to scan the QR codes you see and follow the adventures they take you on:

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Introducing the music video, Rise Against said:

“‘Talking To Ourselves’ is about watching yourself and the people around you fall into complacency. Despite your best efforts to get people’s attention, it feels like no one is listening.”

“Sometimes we feel the urge to do something crazy, to disturb the peace, to jostle the world around us awake,” add the punk rockers. “Our actions might be seen as out of the ordinary, but they are acts of desperation when all else failed.”

The song lyrics closely reflect the theme of us being deaf and blind to each other:

I never wanted to disturb the peace
But it feels like no one's listening
Are we talking to ourselves?
Are we just talking to ourselves?

‘Talking to Ourselves’ is featured on the band’s ninth album, Nowhere Generation. The record came out in June 2021 and brought the Chicago band their first-ever number-one Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay hit.

Rise Against are currently on North American tour in support of Nowhere Generation, rounding off on April 24 in Phoenix, AZ. On May 19-22 the band is booked for Welcome to Rockville 2022 in Florida and in summer months they’ll hit European cities for a row of major summer festivals.

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