Following Acceptance’s surprising announcement about reuniting, ten years after the band split up, the group has released a new track ‘Take You Away’ and promised more to come

May 9, 2015

It’s been ten long years since Seattle band Acceptance broke up and now here they are, back again with the first new song in a decade! The track is titled ‘Take You Away’ and you can listen to it below via SoundCloud.

Let us remind how Acceptance disbanded back in  the summer of 2006. The band broke up, followed by the official statement from the guitarist Christian McAlhaney, posted on the band’s website:

11062332_10153235047066449_3696976773707020594_oYou see, there comes a time in a band member’s life where he must choose between the abnormal life of a gypsy rock musician and the normal life of the common man. Jason, our beloved lead singer, has chosen the latter and decided to take on the yoke of the common man. HOWEVER, the rest of us do not share in this desire for normalcy and have decided to continue in our pursuit of rock stardom. You should all be expecting to hear a new kick ace rocking project from Nick, Kyle, and I, as well as a new project from Kaylan and a bunch of secret people that I can’t talk about right now.

On January 26, 2015 Acceptance announced their reuniting at Skate & Surf 2015 in Ashbury Park, New Jersey. And in April the musicians revealed that they had spent the past two months writing music.

Acceptance’s Nick Radovanovic said the following in an interview on «Before the band stopped back in 2006, we did a handful of demos for what was going to be our next record. I think some of those songs will be revamped and used for the future. The last 2 months for us have been non stop writing. Accumulating loads of new ideas for future songs… I will say, being back in a studio environment and working on Acceptance jams is something I never thought would happen again. It was exciting to say the least. Very excited for new songs. We are music  lovers, we would feel blessed to be able to keep making it.»

Check out the new song of the reunited Acceptance below and stay tuned with Alterock Facebook and Twitter to never miss out on the news about your favourite alternative music!

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