Watch Chris Motionless Turn Into Evil Clown + Miss Motionless Makeup Tutorial

Chris Motionless Motionless in White

Check out how makeup artist Emily Clayton transforms Chris Motionless into an evil clown, plus her ‘Miss Motionless’ makeup tutorial

February 10, 2016

Chris-Motionless-vanity-venomFamous makeup genius Emily Clayton used the face of Motionless In White frontman, Chris Motionless, as her canvas this time. In just 12 minutes she turned him into an evil clown, using her visage skills. Watch the YouTube tutorial of this amazing transformation below, together with the video of how to paint your face to look like ‘Miss Motionless’, reproducing the frontman’s signature look with expressing purple eyes.

Emily Clayton, also known as Vanity Venom, is an up-and-rising makeup professional, the winner of 2015 NYX U.K. and Ireland FACE Awards.

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Montionless In White’s latest album to date was released on September 15, 2014, followed by Apollo X tour. The band has started work on their fourth album, expected later in 2016. However, they won’t release it through Fearless Records. Chris Motionless explained the need for change of label to Alternative Press:

«Knowing this release is going to be on a new label. Arguably, it will be the biggest release of our career. Every release we’ve put out has been bigger than the last; knowing we hit No. 9 on Billboard with Reincarnate put us in an upward trajectory. This new record has to be better than Reincarnate, which, to me, is going to be a really hard thing to accomplish considering I absolutely love Reincarnate. There’s a lot of pressure to try to top everything we’ve ever done before and write the best record of our career. But at the same time, I’m really excited about it. I’ve never been this excited to finish a record before. I’m always dreading it and stressed out to the max.»

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