«You’re in my head more often than I want», goes the recurring line in the song

Ricky Montgomery, also known as the frontman of indie band the Honeysticks, hadn’t delighted listeners with his silky voice his breakthrough self-titled debut album in 2016. But the 5-year break is now over: Montgomery is back with his heartfelt new single ‘Talk To You’.

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According to Alternative Press, the lyrics of the track are a reflection on the 10th anniversary of the death of Ricky’s father. If so, the singer seems to regret not having talked more to his dad and wishes he could simply sit down and talk heart to heart with him:

I wish I could talk to you
Put my chair right up there next to you

But the track is also certainly romantic and could have been his reflexion on a relationship gone-wrong as well. What strikes, though, is the music video, launched for the song. Instead of some melancholic visuals of his reminiscence of the past, Montgomery repeats the plotline of Frankenstein. He digs up a grave and then revives the body with electric shock, only to admit at the end of the video it isn’t a creature, compatible with everyday life.

Watch the music video below:

Earlier this year Montgomery collaborated with chloe moriondo to remix his track ‘Mr Loveman’, and most recently, did a remix for ‘Line Without A Hook’ with the help of mxmtoon.

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As for Montgomery’s indie band The Honeysticks (i.e. Ricky Montgomery & The Honeysticks), the guys are taking it low-key. Their latest offering, titled ‘Cars’, came out in 2020. Interestingly, introducing Montgomery’s new track ‘Talk To You’, the band tweeted: «ricky montgomery / talk to you / featuring the fine playing of the members of the honeysticks». Looks like the song is the result of a joint effort, anyway.

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