THEORY OF A DEADMAN Turn Into Mariachi


THEORY OF A DEADMAN are having Mexican kind of fun in ‘Blow’ music video, thinking «the world has gone officially insane»

July 23, 2015

blowtheoryofadeadmanIf there was an award for the most hilarious rock video, it would go to Theory of a Deadman’s new video ‘Blow’ by all means. Directed by Tony Corella, the clip depicts the band members in the most unusual outfits — traditional Mariachi costumes — singing a «happy» song with a country spirit and not such happy lyrics, stating «the world has gone officially insane». Watch the video below.

The vocalist enumerates various obsessions of today’s world in the track and mentiones a few stars, like Chris Brown and Kanye West. Naked pics, selfies, governmental pressure, overall getting dumber and many more «evils» of the XXI century seem to concern the band, judging by the song’s entertaining lyrics. Here are a few lines worth checking out:

Sometimes it makes me wanna blow my fucking head off
Sometimes it makes me think the world has gone officially insane

Everything’s a scandal
The news too hard to handle
The world is so unbearable like wearing socks with sandals
I’m lover not a fighter respectable to women
I ain’t Chris Brown I don’t feel the need to hit ’em
It’s sad to see a 12 year old acting like a little ho
Taking naked pictures while she’s livin’ in her parents’ home
Post ’em up on Twitter
It’d make you reconsider
Every time you go online to find a babysitter

The ending of ‘Blow’ video is a must-see as well, but we won’t spoil it here, so that you could enjoy it to the full.

‘Blow’ is the fourth track from the latest record by Theory of a Deadman, titled Savages, which is already considered one of the band’s most successful albums in their discography. Theory of a Deadman are currently on tour supporting their new album, so you might want to check them out live.

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