The Lithuanian singer called it a “traumatic experience”

Eurovision Song Contest 2024 has come to an end, crowning Switzerland’s Nemo Mettler, on Saturday night, May 11. Singer Silvester Belt performed for Lithuania on the stage in Malmö, Sweden, with a dance song ‘Luktelk’ and brought his country the 14th place. However, coming on stage after Israeli participant Eden Golan wasn’t easy, as he later admitted.

Lithuania was set to performed right after Israel in the Grand Final, which was an extremely tense experience, as Belt later shared on X. Despite getting quite a high result overall, the singer will remember this night as “one of the worst things” he had to go through.

He said on X: “Going after that country, with the crowd being so intense, was one of the worst things I had to go through, I really did the best that I could in this situation … traumatic experience, wish it all ended after the first semi.”

The atmosphere of the 68th edition of Eurovision turned out quite uneasy, with tension rising concerning the participation of Israel’s Eden Golan. On the day of the Grand Final, a group of demonstrators gathered with Palestinian flags outside Malmö Arena in Sweden. The communication between the delegations of the participating countries and national press outlets prior to the Final couldn’t be called smooth.

The mood of the media and fans on the day of the Grand Final also took a dive, following the sudden disqualification of The Netherlands, as a result of Joost Klein’s verbal threat to one of the photographers and the day-long investigation process that ended in the exclusion of the country from the Final.

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