The explosion might have been related to current protests against French President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to overhaul the pension system

Canadian rockers Sum 41 decided to cancel their show in Paris, France after an explosive device was detonated near the venue. No injuries have been reported.

The punk rockers were scheduled to play an intimate show on No Personal Space tour tonight (Saturday, January 18) at Les Etoiles. It was supposed to be the band’s second night in Paris. They took the stage at Zénith venue in Paris the day before and had a sold out gig at the Les Étoiles on Saturday.

To avoid potential risks, Sum 41 came to a decision to cancel Saturday’s event. According to fans’ posts, as an apology for the cancellation, the band offered them a T-shirt, last show’s set list and picks, which delighted many fans despite the cancellation.

The rockers shared a statement on social media to assure they were safe and to explain that they were “unable to guarantee the safety of the fans”. They also plan to reschedule the show and return to Paris.

“During load in for tonight’s performance in Paris, an explosive device was detonated just outside of the venue door,” the band posted on Instagram. “Band, crew, the fans in line are all safe, and there were no injuries. Due to the intimate nature of our ‘Personal Space’ performances, we are unable to guarantee the safety of the fans in attendance. We are deeply saddened to announce that tonight’s show has been canceled. More information to follow.

For refunds, please contact your local Live Nation ticket outlet. We are currently discussing our options to schedule a make up show as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.”

“We’re all safe and okay!” drummer Frank Zummo informed worried fans all over the world. “Please everyone stay away from the venue tonight! We love you and are so sorry to cancel! ❤️”

Many fans tend to believe the detonation had to do with the French protesting President Emmanuel Macron’s plans to overhaul the pension system for more than 40 days (via ABC News). It hasn’t been confirmed but fans might be right as the protest occurred in nearby streets.

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Here is one fan’s detailed “report” on how it all happened last night (by Instagram user lety_evy_h):

“Second night unfortunately canceled because of black block asshole … But super professional and friendly team! They brought us in for safety! Even if the guys were just passing by to go crack up with the cops in the Place de la République. After an hour of waiting in the room, the group and the team made the decision to cancel the concert. The small room of the stars having only one entrance, they did not want to take risks for our safety and theirs!

To apologize for the cancellation, they offered us a t-shirt, yesterday’s set list and picks. Then give an after-show pass to keep preciously until the postponement date. We will be able (the 15 people present at the time) to meet the group during this next concert.

Then waiting for it to calm down outside, they showed us all of the group’s guitars and basses, one by one! We will never thank the whole team for this super crazy weekend! Love you guys! See you soon.”

While also not confirmed, it’s been reported by fans who came to the venue that the explosive device was a firecracker.

“Apparently there was a firecracker which exploded near the tail of the fans who were waiting for the intimate concert planned in a small hall of the stars of the Sum41 tonight. No injuries but they decided to cancel the concert because no guaranteed fan safety,” reports Twitter user Coclin11.

However, Sum 41 soon deleted their original post and shared a new one, saying: “Unfortunately, the Sum 41 show at Les Etoiles is cancelled tonight,” the new post reads. “All tickets will be refundable with your ticket sellers. Further details will be posted ASAP.”

The band will continue their tour in London on Jan 20 with no other changes. You can see the remaining dates here. Don’t miss out on the news about your favorite rock bands – join us on AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter!