THE FEVER surprise with catchy new track ‘Walking In My Shoes’


It’s the trio’s third new song following debut tracks, ‘We’re Coming In’ and ‘Hunting Season’

November 6, 2017

It’s only the third song for the new act, The Fever – an explosive group of musicians from letlive., the Chariot and Night Verses, but it shows that the band is here to stay. ‘Walking In My Shoes’ is guaranteed to keep on playing in your head for the rest of the day. Be sure to give it a listen below and note down the name of this fiery band, as you’re going to hear more of it soon.

The Fever’s new tune ‘Walking In My Shoes’ is incredibly catchy and melodic and is an ultimate headbanger at their future shows. Who would have thought that it’s only the third work from the band, following their debut tracks, ‘We’re Coming In’ and ‘Hunting Season’?

Do you wonder who The Fever’s members are? The band is comprised of former letlive.’s frontman Jason Aalon Butler, Night Verses’ drummer Aric Improta, and the Chariot’s guitarist Stephen Harrison.

And speaking of headbangers, the band is full of suprises. At their first club show in Califonia, the trio recently had a very special guest – Blink-182’s Travis Barker (via AltPress). Plus, The Fever target interesting spots for their performances: recently they played live at… donut shops!

It goes without saying that many of us cannot wait to hear an album or EP from the fresh band. In the meantime, play ‘Walking In My Shoes’ below and tell us if you liked it as much as we did. Share your thoughts in the comments, and join AlteRock Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned for rock and metal news.