THE RASMUS surprise with fresh sound and singing style in new song, ‘Wonderman’


September 29, 2017

Finnish rockers The Rasmus are treating us to another piece of their new album, Dark Matters, which will be out next month. It’s a song titled ‘Wonderman’, which also serves as the theme song in the new superhero movie Rendel. The single comes with a music video from director Jesse Haaja, and combines the scenes with the characters of the film and an energetic performance from the band. Watch the epic music video below.

Rendel is the very first full-length superhero film from Finland, which was premiered on Finland’s cinema screens September 6. The film is based on Haaja’s self-created superhero, Rendel, and the self-building of the hero takes us back to his tough childhood years, which made him who he is today. The song lyrics of ‘Wonderman’ reflect the making of Rendel’s personality:

In my mind, I always thought I was a different kind
‘Cause back in time I used to think that everyone was blind
They always call me as a loser – zero
When I look into the mirror there’s a superhero

As almost every superhero, Rendel will “roam the streets try to make it better”, punish the bad guys and “might bend the law a bit” in order to “make it easy for the underdogs”. The music video sees a boy being bullied by his schoolmates and treated as a loser. To have a better idea of Rendel, check out the official trailer below.

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‘Wonderman’ is the third track, released from Dark Matters album. We had already heard singles ‘Paradise’ and ‘Silver Night’, but the new song definitely carries a few surprises in it, as it diverges from the easily recognizable The Rasmus sound and singing style. Sharp industrial guitar riffs show a new side of the band, while Lauri Ylönen rather raps the verses than sings them (and even uses rappers’ moves in the clip).

Dark Matters album release is just around the corner: it will hit the stores October 6 (via Playground Music Scandinavia). Produced by the Swedish team The Family (Iggy Azalea, Fifth Harmony), the upcoming record “is like a roller coaster with many different emotions and personal feelings,” the musicians describe. “Our music is at times dark, speculative, melodic and sometimes even sad.”

It’s the first effort from The Rasmus after a five-year hiatus, and this time the band turned to a PledgeMusic campaign to support the release of Dark Matters, offering backers a variety of bonus content for their contributions.

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