THE RASMUS howl at the moon in new song/lyric video, ‘Silver Night’

The Rasmus band

It’s the band’s second song taken from the next album The Dark Matters

August 30, 2017

Having recently returned after a five-year hiatus, The Rasmus are now digging deeper into the upcoming album, Dark Matters, and today they’ve released the second single from the record, ‘Silver Night’. The new track comes with an accompanying lyric video, which you can enjoy below.

‘Silver Night’ is a dark yet musically light piece, showing the protagonist of singer Lauri Ylönen as a “lonely wolf”, “howling at the moon”. Though the track is far from a feel-good one, the lyrics inevitably bring about an epic line from the British comedy series, IT Crowd: “I’m just a lonely loner, on a lonely road… alone.”

The Rasmus’ frontman insists that the band’s “signature northern melancholy” is still with them, as years go by. “The thinking behind our new songs was to create the kind of music we would like to listen to,” says Ylönen explains. “We haven’t abandoned our signature northern melancholy, but you can hear a wide range of influences in our new compositions.”

You can also hear the music resemblance to the band’s earlier works. In the comments to ‘Silver Night’ on Youtube, The Rasmus’ fans note that they hear the same tune as in the demo of their biggest hit, ‘In The Shadows’.

Just like on the group’s previous albums, the songs you’ll hear on Dark Matters reflect personal feelings of the musicians. The band’s frontman moved to Los Angeles, and this change has had an influence on many of the new songs:

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“The new album is like a roller coaster with many different emotions and personal feelings. Our music is at times dark, speculative, melodic and sometimes even sad,” the musicians explain.[/quote]

The band’s previous single, ‘Paradise’, came out in March, breaking the 5-year-long silence in the career of The Rasmus. The also launched a PledgeMusic campaign, giving backers access to an exclusive fan-only zone with pre-order deals, band updates, behind-the-scenes footage and much more.

Dark Matters is due for release October 6 via Playground Music Scandinavia. The record was made in collaboration with the Swedish producers The Family (known for their work with Iggy Azalea and Fifth Harmony).

Listen to ‘Silver Night’ below. Which of the latest new singles do you prefer, ‘Paradise’ or ‘Silver Night’?

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