Watch THE USED’ fragile acoustic performance of touching new song ‘For You’


‘For You’ is longing for having a chance to spend five more minutes with someone you’ll never see again, says Bert McCracken

October 31, 2017

While fans are getting acquainted with The Used’ new album, The Canyon, which came otu last Friday, October 27, the group is celebrating the release in their own way: the band members went to Nylon to record a live version of their album opener, ‘For You.’ As Bert McCracken explained earlier, he dedicated the song to his childhood friend Tregen Lewis, who committed suicide last year.

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“I wanted to open the song with [the idea of] getting to spend five more minutes with someone I’ll never see again,” the singer told  Genius.[/quote]


McCracken starts the first verse in the fragile, quiet, insecure manner, and his voice is shaking at first to then slowly build up in strength and volume, as the song progresses. The Used’ frontman was apparently “singing outside the box”, letting his emotions become part of the performance, and it shows.

Here is the video of the acoustic performance of ‘For You’:

Show + Tell: The Used

The Used are feeling everything right now 🖤 And in their new album, you'll feel it too.

Geplaatst door NYLON op Vrijdag 27 oktober 2017


A week ago, The Used also debuted a track ‘Rise Up Lights’ from The Canyon. According to the band, this is their most raw record to date, which dares to discuss life’s duality and most philosophical questions like why we are here. “A lot of the record has been this dueling, Yin-Yang type of happy/sad,” McCracken says. “We’re trying to understand mortality and maybe the bigger questions that we ask, why we might be here and what it’s all about.”

If you haven’t heard ‘Rise Up Lights’ yet, give a listen below.

The Used’ previous studio album was Imaginary Enemy in 2014. In between the two albums the indie rockers released a live album, Live & Acoustic at the Palace, in 2016, recorded at their show in Los Angeles.



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