Teini-Pää also called their Finnish version of ABBA hit shortly, ‘112’

The up-and-coming Finnish band Teini-Pää (which literally means “Tean Head”) has released a music video for their energetic ABBA cover. The video looks as simple as the cover itself, with very low-definition visuals, yet puts a smile on your face.

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The band took the translation to Finnish quite literally: the Finnish version of ABBA’s ‘SOS’ got a name ‘112’, which is pretty much the only number any Finn, from young to old, should keep in mind. It’s Finland’s equivalent of American 911: a united phone number of police, ambulance and other emergency services.

The punk cover is predicted to be Finland’s 2020 summer hit. It is featured on Teini-Pää’s B-side of their latest seven-inch release, called Hotelliin (“Into the Hotel”). The single is co-released by Pop Antik Kustannus, Goosebumbs Records and Teinilevyt labels.

Listen to the Finnish punk rock version below. Stay tuned with us on AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter!

And compare it to ABBA original of ‘SOS’ right here: