Watch Elderly People React To SLIPKNOT


Be sure to check out the hilarious video where elderly people say what they think of SLIPKNOT, while watching their videos and show footage

June 10, 2015

slipknot-the-devil-in-iWhat do you think your parents’ or grandparents’ reaction would be if you asked them to watch a couple of furious music and live videos of your favorite metal band? Well, here is what a group of elderly people had to say while watching Slipknot videos. Watch the video below.

Most of the people in the video are hearing and seeing Slipknot for the first time ever. The majority haven’t even heard the name of the band before. Not to mention how shocked they were with the musicians’ masks, brutal music videos and crazy vibe at Slipknot gigs.

Do you remember your or your parents’ first reaction to Slipknot music, shows and image? Share your memories in the comments below and stay tuned with Alterock Facebook and Twitter to never miss on the news about your favorite alternative music!

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