DEAF HAVANA launch video for saddest song on the new record, ‘Worship’

Deaf Havana band

Surprisingly, the musicians say it only took them 15 minutes to write ‘Worship’

October 31, 2018

English alternative rock band Deaf Havana have made our day by releasing “potentially the saddest song on the record”, ‘Worship’. Featured on the band’s new album, Rituals, which came out in August, the track is lexically playful and so catchy, you can’t get it out of your head all day:

‘Cause everything’s a mess when I’m around you
I wish I’d never found you, I wish I’d never found you

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Here is what James Veck-Gilodi unveils about the song, which only took about 15 minutes to be written:

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“’Worship’, for me, is potentially the saddest song on the record, there’s an underlying melancholy to it. I wrote it with my brother in a flat in Sheffield and we came up with phonetic sounds before we came up with lyrics, which is probably why the chorus melody is so rhythmic and not typical of how I usually write. It’s one of my favorite tracks on the record and it was the song we wrote the quickest, I think all in all it took us 15 minutes.”[/quote]


Deaf Havana will only play one show till the end of 2018 , the one at Brixton Academy on December 7. And they’ve got quite an impressive support, coming from Stereo Honey, and ex-Panic! at the Disco musician, Dallon Weekes, with his band I Don’t Know How But They Found Me.

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