Watch MUSE fight gremlins at school homecoming party in music video for ‘Pressure’

Muse Pressure music video

Thanks to zombies, gremlins raging at a school ball you’ll hardly forget Muse’s new video

Muse have amused us with a new song ‘Pressure’ and an odd music video for it, to say the least. It seems that the band is going through a zombie era on their upcoming album, Simulation Theory. Ok, zombies we’ve already seen in ‘Thought Contagion’ video. But when a homecoming ball is suddenly interrupted by gremlins… And then some “gremlinbusters” start fighting them… We can’t help but wonder in what state of mind Matt Bellamy and Co. came up with this plot.

Directed by Lance Drake, the new music video is a must-see because apart from Muse members it stars Terry Crews, Chance Michael and Julia Robinson. You might know the US actor Terry Crews from Brooklyn 99. Be sure to watch the video below:

Just like the chorus indicates, the song is about “pressure building”, and fans, naturally, want to know what sort of pressure is in question here. Bellamy hinted on Twitter that the track might have to do with feeling pressured about trying to make new songs that would live up to fans’ expectations.

I’m trapped and my back’s up against the wall
I see no solution or exit out
I’m grinding it out, no one can see
The pressure’s growing exponetially

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If that’s the case, by “grinding it out” Muse might mean searching for new catchy tunes and perfect riffs for this new album. But then comes a puzzling line “And when I’m done I’ll make you pay”. What do you think that could be about? Or are ‘Pressure’ lyrics about a different type of pressure? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The audio of ‘Pressure’ was actually leaked a few days ago, according to Musewiki. ‘Pressure’ was first played on the French TV show Taratata on 24 September. It’s the fifth track, taken from the upcoming album, following ‘The Dark Side,’ ‘Something Human,’ ‘Thought Contagion’ & ‘Dig Down.’ Pre-order Simulation Theory here and get the instant downloads of all these tracks.

The eighth studio album was produced Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo, Shellback and Timbaland. Simulation Theory is due out November 9 via Warner Bros. Records and Helium-3.

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