Within Temptation wouldn’t be an indispensable part of our music lives if not for stunning Sharon den Adel. She’s a “rock goddess”, an outstanding vocalist and an absolute sweetheart with fans. We’ve prepared some fun facts about Sharon that every Within Temptation fan should know.

  1. Sharon Janny den Adel was born July 12, 1974 in Waddinxveen, Netherlands but lived in different countries (like Indonesia) in her early years (maybe that’s why she speaks English so well!)
  2. At the university Sharon studied fashion, got a BA in fashion management, and also worked as a stylist and designer. What about music education? Nope, Sharon never professionally trained to sing!
  3. She was only 14 (!) when she joined a band called Koshiro, which played blues-rock and did cover songs.
  4. Sharon lived in Bali for a while in her childhood, and that’s where some of her signature dance moves stem from.
  5. Sharon founded Within Temptation with guitarist Robert Westerholt in 1996, and the couple has three children: Eva Luna (2005), Robin Aiden (2009) and Logan Arwin (2011).
  6. After the US Tour in 2007, Sharon and Robert were separated for a few months and the band was on the verge of breaking up. Thanks God, the two managed to find the balance between their tour and personal lives!
  7. Despite years and years of stage experience, Sharon is usually nervous before going on stage.
  8. Sharon always brings at least 3 outfit options on tour.
  9. The singer creates many of her stage clothing designs by herself, as well as items of WT merchandise.
  10. One of the singer’s favorite dresses is her Mother Earth Dress. It’s also one of the most expensive outfits she’s ever worn (around 5000 Euro).
  11. She loves Dr. Martens Boots. If you’ve ever seen WT live, it’s hard not to notice.
  12. During The Silent Force tour Sharon was pregnant (and still kept performing).
  13. In 2011, Sharon won Rock Goddess award at Loudwire Music Awards.
  14. One of her favorite singers is Lana del Rey.
  15. Before meeting Tarja (with whom Sharon sang the single ‘Paradise’), Sharon thought Tarja was an arrogant diva. However, after meeting Tarja she said: “Tarja is one of the sweetest people ever” (I’ve interviewed Tarja myself recently, and can say 100% the same!)
  16. Sharon met Amy Lee when she came to one of Evanescence’s orchestral tour shows. The women “instantly really connected in a beautiful way” (via Kerrang)
  17. Within Temptation’s “Forgiven”, “The Cross” and ” Say my name” are really personal songs for Sharon.
  18. Sharon is not a strict vegetarian, but she hasn’t eaten red meat in more than 10 years, and only occasionally eats fish and chicken. Her favorite food is, in fact, sushi.
  19. Sharon is really into fitness and enjoys workouts like “boot camp” (if you ever go to Holland on exchange, you’ll find out how hardcore it really is).
  20. Sharon is against “a world that is dominated by governments” and is outraged by what is happening in Syria and Turkey. WT album Resist (2019) is about breaking free from these patterns. “It is not my intention to get involved in wars,” she says. “But I do have an opinion about it and I want to say something about it”.

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