BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE Fans Light Fire at Russian Show and Mosh Around It


BFMV don’t need to bring pyros to Russia anymore: their St. Petersburg fans lit a huge bonfire and even moshed around it

June 20, 2016

“Scream Aim Fire”, “Hearts Burst into Fire” – it seems like Bullet For My Valentine’s entire discography invites ignition and pyros while listening to their music. They just fit.

The good news is BFMV crew don’t have to worry anymore about transporting pyros to their show venues in Russia. The band’s fans at a Saint Petersburg show managed to ignite the night both literally and figuratively speaking.

In the middle of their set in St. Petersburg the crowd started a massive fire, using a flare, in the middle of the pit… and started to mosh around it! (see photo and video below). Altpress website even wrote: “This might actually be the most metal thing we have ever seen. Seriously.”

How did BFMV react to this? Well, the show went on and later the musicians posted the picture and their comment on Instagram, which reads: “We didn’t need to bring pyro for this show as the crowd brought there own! Mental. (P.S this is very dangerous and as awesome as it looks please don’t bring flares to shows as it could have ended up pretty bad).”

Luckily, everything ended up well but the venue could have easily gone up in flames and the story could have repeated last year’s metalcore tragedy in Romania, where over thirty people died as a result of a pyro accident. After all, we’re talking about indoor shows, not an open air festival (and even there bonfires are not encouraged for the sake of fans’ safety).

As cool as the picture looks… do not repeat this indoors. And if you still want to, read to G. Oster’s anti-advice:

If you’re terrified of darkness
As you fall asleep at night
Don’t forget to fetch the matches
Right before you go to bed.

Set your mattresses on fire
Pillow, blanket and your sheets.
Then you will not be so scared
‘Cause the room won’t be so dark.

(author’s translation from Russian)

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