BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE announce new, “simpler” album, debut song ‘Over It’

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Frontman Matt Tuck says Gravity is “less technical”, “far simpler and far more digestible”

April 2, 2018

The long-awaited news from Bullet For My Valentine dropped on April Fool’s Day but no joking about this one: the band has announced that their upcoming sixth album, Gravity, will be out this summer, June 29! See the awesome album’s cover art below. BFMV have accompanied this announcement with a new single ‘Over It’, featured on Gravity. Be sure to watch the lyric video below.

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BFMV have kept their fans waiting since their 2015′ album Venom, and fans’ impatience to hear new material from the group doubled when when Matt Tuck and Co. announced they finished recording the sixth record at the end of 2017.

The new sinlge, ‘Over It’ debuted yesterday, April 1, on on BBC’s Radio 1 Rock Show, and it’s amazing to see how the Welsh metallers have smoothly merged their signature sound with the fresh breath of this new record. ‘Over It’ is a powerful, catchy, hard-hitting track, which fans won’t be over for a long time now.

“There’s a lot different about this record, actually,” says singer Matthew Tuck. “The way we’ve approached [it], the way we’ve written it, the sonics used, the instrumentation that we’ve added. It feels like it’s a whole new beginning for the band, so it’s a very exciting time.” (via AltPress)

However, for those, who crave heavier and more metalcore stuff from BFMV, this record might seem lighter and less technical. The band doesn’t want to return to their roots, unlike their many colleagues.

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“We don’t wanna regurgitate anything we’ve done in the past,” he said. “That’s the past — we wanna look forward to the future. We tried to make things bigger by calming things down on the technical side,” Tuck explains. So we’ve still got really big, massive heavy groove songs, but instead of being super-thrashy and technical on the guitar, they are far simpler and far more digestible, but it gives you a far bigger sound.”[/quote]

Aren’t BFMV afraid they risk losing their long-time loyal fans by taking a “more digestible” turn? “”I think as soon as the dust settles and people get to live with it, it’s a corker — it rocks,” Tuck believes.

Gravity is the first album with drummer Jason Bowld, who recently joined the official lineup but has been performing with the band since 2015. The record also features bassist Jamie Mathias (Revoker), who became part of the band after the last record was finished.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Over It’ below: