Margot Robbie’s heart rate peaks when BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE dedicate her song


Suicide Squad’s star also got a personal invite from Slipknot’s Corey Taylor – watch

February 24, 2018

If Suicide Squad movie didn’t leave a long-lasting impression on you, the film’s leading actress Margot Robbie certainly did. It turns out, this stunning lady has “brutal” tastes not just in the movie: Robbie is a big metal fan, too. When invited to Radio 1 Nick Grimshaw’s show, the actress admitted she loves Slipknot, Thrice, Metallica and Bullet For My Valentine, but she couldn’t even imagine what a surprise was awaiting her.

First, Grimshaw specified whether she was a big fan of of Bullet For My Valentine, and Robbie said “Yeah, I loved them back in the day.” Then the inventive host said they were going to cross over to Saskatoon in Canada, where BFMV were playing a gig that night. Matt Tuck was standing on stage, talking to the crowd, when he suddenly turned around to the cameras and opened his song ‘Tears Don’t Fall’ with a live dedication to a “very special, very beautiful, talented young woman”, “amazing Margot Robbie”.

Robbie’s heart rate jumped up and peaked at 134 bpm, making it her highest rate in the entire programme. For Suicide Squad’s star it was completely out of the blue, and she couldn’t hide her feelings.

But the chain of surprises wasn’t over. The host knew she also loves Slipknot, so he contacted the band’s frontman Corey Taylor (without a doubt, Robbie’s admirer, too) who then personally invited her to a Slipknot show. The actress had tears in her eyes, watching Taylor’s personal video message. And it warms our hearts to find out that Robbie is as big a music fan as all of us.

This might be the most touching and extraordinary interview we’ve seen with the actress since Suicide Squad. Can’t wait to see how it happened? Play the video below and skip to 5:58.

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