Tweet of the Day – AUSTIN CARLILE Says, “Leave your judgment at home”


Of Mice & Men’s singer Austin Carlile expresses a strong view on religion, wealth, color, gender and race discimination

May 12, 2016

The sequence of philosophical tweets from Austin Carlile, the frontman of Of Mice & Men, deserves to be titled today’s Tweet of the Day. The singer has decided to address the sensitive matter – all sorts of discrimination. He suggested that people leave their judgment at home as learn to see beyond their nose. Here is what he wrote on Twitter a few hours ago:

“Straight, gay, trans, yellow, brown, black, white… Stop! We are ALL equal. The HUMAN RACE. We are in this TOGETHER!! No matter what your religion, wealth, color, or race…. it doesn’t matter. We are in this together. And I know no one wants to hear this but if we DONT come TOGETHER there won’t be an EARTH to even bicker about all of this on!!!! Leave your judgment at home. Think. Love. It’s ABOUT US. Not YOU.”

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