David Bowie’s son announces David Bowie Book Club, calls Bowie “a beast of a reader”


Duncan Jones has launched an informal “David Bowie Book Club” to discuss books Bowie loved

December 30, 2017

The late icon David Bowie was a big book fan, and four years ago a list of Bowie’s 100 favorite books was published. Now his son, Duncan Jones, has launched an informal “David Bowie Book Club”, where, presumably, fans can read and discuss books Bowie liked.

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As Jones says, his late father was “a beast of a reader”, and one of his favorites was a book was Hawksmoor, the award-winning 1985 novel by Peter Aykroyd. It’s the story of two characters, Nicholas Dyer, who builds churches in in London, and Nicholas Hawksmoor, a 1980s detective who investigates murders committed in those old churches.

So if you’re reading this and you’re Bowie’s big fan, wondering how to join the club, be sure to apply until February 1.

To other Bowie’s news, BBC are preparing a radio drama to immerse fans into the making of Bowie’s final studio album, Blackstar, released January 8, 2016, on the day of his 69th birthday. Two days later the musician passed away after a lengthy fight with liver cancer.

The drama is set to air on the BBC World Service on January 9, and is titled The Final Take: Bowie In The Studio presents an imagined account of Bowie working on Blackstar. Bowie will be voiced by Dead Ringers star Jon Culshaw.