“Party night after night”, Whiplasher & co. offer us the first bite of their upcoming album

Last year, following multiple pandemic-caused tour postponements, Deathstars scraped off the entire tour of 2020. At first, fans were saddened by the inconveniece it brought, but the Swedish rockers triggered their anticipation, promising new material. And they kept their word. Deathstars announced their return with a new album, Everything Destroys You, due out May 5th via Nuclear Blast Records. It marks the band’s first new record in over eight years.

Does it mean the guys from Deathstars are now singing the pleasures of being homestay dads and raising kids? Hell, no! Their new single off of the new album, ‘Midnight Party’, is all about nonstop urban party nights, losing yourself in clubs and going down “the downward spiral”.

“We wanted it to be a kind of worst slash filthy slash dark yet catchy party vibe in it, and I did some lyrics to describe how it usually turns out for us; something that was bad in a good way – bringing moral downfall up to speed, al dente”, says Deathstars vocalist Whiplasher Bernadotte.

“It’s about those times when you end up binge partying and don’t go to sleep for days, it’s just constantly midnight with the additional clear and present downward spiral and debauchery that eventually makes you go insane. The party that never stops until you collapse. Very different from David Lee Roth-poolpartyrock, to say the least.”

Watch: DEATHSTARS hit hard with brand new single ‘This Is’

In the accompanying music video, Deathstars members enter the club as typical rock fans and enjoy the show of a female version of Deathstars, performing in the band’s signature outfits and wearing their stage makeup. Dark and playful, the music video perfectly reflects the feel of the new album as the band describes it – “adrenaline, bombast, sex & glam!”

Watch ‘Midnight Party’ video below:

The release of ‘Midnight Party’ closely follows the launch of the first single from Everything Destroys You album, ‘This Is’. And while partly, the new tracks feature the band’s cliched keyboard and electronic layers, the song progresses and explores new territories. Deathstars 2.0. So the album might have been worth the long wait.

“The reason it’s been taking so long is that we simply wanted – and needed – a break after intense touring and so on, and on top of that the pandemic happened so tours were postponed and the release with them, so it feels fantastic to finally be able to present Everything Destroys You”, says the band’s guitarist/keyboardist Emil Nödtveidt a.k.a. Nightmare Industries.

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