“‘Hey You’ is basically a wake-up call”, says vocalist David Draiman

We’ve all missed new stuff from Disturbed, and here they are, with a new perception-altering song ‘Hey You’. The single is the band’s first work in four years. It’s accompanied by a cinematic music video with an intriguing sci-fi plot (it wouldn’t be Disturbed without one, would it?). Watch the video for ‘Hey You’ below.

Frontman David Draiman is convinced that over the past two-three years the lockdown and the pandemic made the division between people, countries and religions bigger than ever. We had to accept the absence of “any kind of normalcy” and stick to our “camps” and “allegiances”, he says.

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“‘Hey You’ is basically a wake-up call. I think that the lockdown and the pandemic in general, the past two years, three years of our existence already at this point, has been this incredible, perfect storm of elements,” Draiman told Loudwire.

“We had isolation, we had removal from any kind of normalcy, we had people really go down the rabbit hole of social media in a big, big way. And if anything, it intensified the division that was already there. People really stick to their respective camps and their respective allegiances, whether it’s political or religious or otherwise. It’s become hyper-intensified over the course of these past number of years.”

The music video for ‘Hey You’ focuses on how easily we are manipulated when we’re in rage, how we turn against our yesterday’s friends. “This song is speaking to that, it’s speaking to the fact that we’re our own worst enemy sometimes because of these little barriers we set up for ourselves,” Draiman explains.

With the band’s vivid imagination, it’s only a matter of time before Disturbed come up with a plot for a full-fledged sci-fi movie! Do you agree? Tell us in the comments on AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter!