Day 3 and who’s in the spotlight? Today it’s Russia’s choice, Manizha!

Manizha is going to belt ‘Russian woman’ at #3 in the first semi-final, May 18. What do you need to know about the singer?

∙ Manizha is the singer’s real name. Her full name is Manizha Sangin.

∙ She was born in Tajikistan but her family moved to Russia when she was small.

∙ Earlier in her career, Manizha performed under moniker “Rukola”. Do you even recognize her here:

∙ In 2020, Manizha became the first Russian Goodwill Ambassador for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees;

∙ Manizha’s Instagram adviser, as well as her stylist, is her own mom!

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