It’s country #21 of 39 (#5 in Semi-Final 2): Austria is represented by singer Vincent Bueno

Are you singing “Amen! Amen! Tell me is this what you wanted?” with the Austrian singer? Let’s get to know charming Vincent Bueno!

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  1. Vincent was obviously a prodigy child. He began dancing at the age of four and could play the piano, guitar, drums and bass guitar by the age of 11!
  2. The singer got to shine in the casting programme Musical! Die Show in 2007. ORF was looking for the biggest talent in Austria and chose Vincent! Be sure to watch the video from the show below:
  1. Vincent has a traumatic past to write such personal songs about. “Amen” is dedicated to his daughter Samantha, who was diagnosed with a brain illness called anencephaly. Vincent and his wife found it out during the pregnancy period but still let the girl be born. Samantha lived for only 90 minutes…
  2. When the singer was announced to represent Austria, some dug his background and discovered his “homophobic” statements. The interview with the newspaper Heute in question is now deleted, so we can’t comment objectively. Vincent didn’t let these accusations spread. He said:

“To clear things off, honestly guys, I am not a homophobe. For all the people who think that or all the people who believe the [newspaper], oh my gosh, guys. It’s really poor if you believe what’s been written about me or in that article.”

  1. Vincent Bueno is “bueno” in two continents at once. After reaching success in Austria and Germany in 2011, he relocated to the country of his origins, the Philippines. There he managed to ink with the Universal Music Ph and launched successful singles.

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