Sweden’s Tusse addresses the whole world with powerful “Voices”

Day 4 and we are ready to introduce you contestant #4 in the first Eurovision semi-final.

  1. The singer’s full name is Tousin Michael Chiza, and he’s only 19!
  2. Tusse is a Congolese-Swedish singer who left his homeland as an eight-year-old boy after three years on the run from the war! “It has been the most difficult part of my childhood and my journey to find a safe place,” he says.
  3. He participated as a singer in the Swedish talent show Talang 2018 and made it to the semifinals. The next year Tusse won Swedish Idol 2019.
  4. Tusse’s contribution to the Melodifestivalen has been compared to Loreen’s Eurovision winner “Euphoria”.
  5. When he won the Melodifestivalen, he said he panicked. “I sent to all my friends: “What is that?”, he told SVT News.

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