Hooverphonic is going to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2021 with the song “The Wrong Place”.

However, those of you who followed Eurovision last year haven’t recognized the new female vocalist in Hooverphonic. Is it the same singer as in “Release Me” (2020)? Read our curious band facts!

  1. Hooverphonic’s vocalists have changed many times. The band has had six lead singers since 1995. In their last year’s Eurovision song “Release Me” the vocalist was a 19-year-old Luka Cruysberghs. She hoped to sing in this year’s Eurovision as well but was suddenly replaced last November by Geike Arnaert, who used to be part of the band earlier and returned. Last year’s Hooverphonic’s entry:

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  1. Current vocalist Geike Arnaert has been part of Hooverphonic on and off for 11 years. She’s well-known in Belgium and the Netherlands having been the singer on the big 2017/2018 BeNeLux hit “Zoutelande”.
  1. Hooverphonic have recorded lots of soundtracks for American movies, including Stealing Beauty, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Charlie’s Angels, Baywatch, The Real Blonde and Sex And The City.
  2. Hooverphonic have done loads of tours, including a 1998 European tour opening for such famous artists as Moloko, Fiona Apple and Massive Attack.
  3. Belgium’s ex-Eurovision singer Sennek had her song “A Matter of Time” written by Hooverphonic’s founder Alex Callier!

Hooverphonic’s entry for Eurovision 2021: