Second year in a row, Moldova selected Natalia Gordienko to represent their country at Eurovision Song Contest

Her entry ‘Sugar’ intrigued all of us, and Natalia herself is quite an intriguing person. Check out fun facts and find out!

  1. You might think Natalia is new to Eurovision stage? Hell no! The lady had her spectacular debut in Eurovision 2006 with Arsenium with the song called ‘Loca’. Back then she was a guest vocalist. The entry didn’t score high but Natalia’s dress changes were remembered long afterwards. Meeting her in the street, people usually call her “Loca!”
  1. Music and stage are part of her life since childhood. At the age of ten, Natalia featured on the Moldovan children’s television show Cheiţa de aur (Golden Key) and became a local star.
  2. The singer became a runner-up at the important contest Slavianski Bazaar in 2006. It’s a Belarusian music festival celebrating Slavic music. The previous famous winners of this contest were Ruslana, Željko Joksimović and Donny Montell.
  3. This year’s song ‘Sugar’ is composed by so called Dream Team: Filip Kirkorov (@fkirkorov), Dimitris Kontopoulos (@dimitriskontopoulos) and stage director Fokas Evagelinos (@fokasevagelinos). To premier the Eurovision track, Dream Team even organized a red carpet show for Natalia in Moscow.
  4. In 2008, Natalia received the Artist Emerit honour, awarded by the President of Moldova. Moreover, she is the youngest singer to ever get this award: she received it at the age of 20.

Are you feeling her song ‘Sugar’ in Eurovision 2021? Do you think we all need a little bit of sugary taste at Eurovision Song Contest?

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