‘Driven To Perform Livestream Concert’ will include songs from their discography + several tracks from The Bitter Truth

Last month Evanescence dropped first full-length album of original music since 2011. And now there’s yet another treat. The band has released ‘Better Without You’ music video, which talks about fears and the need to break the walls and move on. And the video is this true Evanescence you once fell in love with and have been waiting for!

To put it short, ‘Better Without You’ is all about choosing to live now, in the moment and making the choices every day:

“People die, we’re all going to,” Lee wrote in a press release. “There’s no magic castle. So that sounds like a lot of doom and gloom when I say it, but there’s a choice to accept that truth and live in it and embrace it, choose to live, choose to live in a moment and the choice to just give up. And there’s a struggle there, but my choice is most definitely to take that pill.”

The video for ‘Better Without You’ was directed by Eric D. Howell, who you already know by his recent work, the video for ‘Use My Voice‘. Check it out below:

On top of the video, Amy Lee & co. have announced that they are doing a special livestream set, which will include several songs from the new record for the first time. May 13 is the day that every Evanescence fan should put into his reminders immediately. The virtual show, titled Driven To Perform Livestream Concert, will cover most loved hits throughout their discography. And what’s best is that it’s a free streaming event, so it will be accessible to all fans.

The event is hosted by Alice Cooper, kicking off at 8 p.m. CT via DrivenToPerformConcert.com and Evanescence’s own Facebook page.

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