Ex-FLYLEAF’s Singer Lacey Sturm Debuts First Solo Single ‘Impossible’


Former FLYLEAF frontwoman Lacey Sturm Launches First Solo Single ‘Impossible’, posts details of solo album Life Screams

November 11, 2015

lacey-sturm-albumFormer Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm is back on rock scene with first new solo track, titled ‘Impossible’. The song will be featured on Sturm’s upcoming solo album Life Screams, an independent release through Followspot Records. It is the singer’s first new material since her departure from Flyleaf in 2012. You can now check out the cover for the solo album (on the right).

Lacey Sturm has done guest vocals for several other artists, she hadn’t been to the studio to record new music since her exiting Flyleaf. The vocalist decided to leave her former band as she wanted to dedicate her time to starting a family (via Loudwire) On her Instagram page, Sturm wrote, “I still have a fire in me to be a voice of love to people who feel unloved… For me, today is the beginning of new ways to live the impossible, and I have so much faith, hope and love in my soul.”

In addition to track ‘Impossible’, Sturm also posted a special task to her fans: “And I want to know how you are #livingtheimpossible. Write ‘Living The Impossible’ on your arm, snap a pic for Instagram and share your story with me.. Use the #livingtheimpossible. I can’t wait to read them.”

Life Screams has no concrete release date yet, but is expected in early 2016.

Listen to Lacey Sturm’s solo track ‘Impossible’ below. What do you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments, and join Alterock Facebook and Twitter to always be in the know about your favorite rock bands!

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